Warmly celebrate our company's IATF 16949 certification
Date: 2020-03-29 11:16:15


  As a representative of human scientific and technological progress, automobiles have greatly promoted the progress of human civilization. In modern times, more and more people will buy cars into their budgets, and automobiles will become more and more popular. The users and recipients of cars are people, so safety is the most basic criterion for measuring cars. With more and more cars, the world’s major car manufacturers and associations established a special The organization, the English name of the "International Automotive Task Force": International Automotive Task Force, abbreviated as "IATF", its members cover the automobile committees of various countries and most of the world's automobile manufacturing brands. Many automobile manufacturers require their suppliers to pass IATF related systems. Therefore, if you want to enter the automotive industry system, you must pass the relevant IATF certification system.

   The International Automotive Working Group (IATF) released IATF 16949: Automotive Quality Management System Standard, which is the first international automotive industry standard formulated and released by the IATF. The standard focuses on the orientation of automotive customers, the specific requirements of past automotive customers, and fully respects the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirements and the high-level structural framework (HLS), as well as the ISO 9000:2015 foundation and terminology, which together define the right The basic quality management system requirements for automobile production parts and related service parts organization are to develop a quality management system that provides continuous improvement, emphasizes defect prevention, and reduces deterioration and waste in the automotive supply chain.  

In recent years, in order to open up the high-end market, Xiangyue Electronics attaches great importance to the related work of the quality management system. The general manager participated in the revision of the quality system throughout the entire process, and made requirements for the deployment of various tasks. Other leadership team members and heads of various departments actively cooperated, and all employees actively participated, so that the quality system was closely integrated with actual work. The company has been recognized by the review agency with its perfect system and high level of execution, and passed the review smoothly. Passing the IATF 16949:2016 system certification signifies that Xiangyue Electronics has successfully obtained the permit to enter the automotive manufacturing field.

has passed the high-standard IATF16949:2016 certification audit. Xiangyue Electronics will take this as an opportunity to continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations and make customers more satisfied. The acquisition of this certificate is conducive to the further improvement of the company's product competitiveness and provides a stronger guarantee for the company's expansion in the global automotive market.

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