Intelligent headlight control system XY-ZN14

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1. Automatically turn on and turn off the lights

When a car is driving, when the outside light becomes dark, the lights will automatically turn on, such as entering a garage, entering a tunnel, etc. When the outside light turns from darkness to bright, the lights will automatically turn off.

2. Turn on the lock, find car/leave home function

In a dark environment, lightly press the unlock button of the key, and the big/small lights of the car will immediately turn on. The lighting time of 15-20 seconds is enough for you to arrive in your car in time and calmly. Without fear of the darkness outside.

3. Lock the car and turn off the lights after a delay, with you home

In a dark environment, after turning off the barium car, the big/small lights of the car turned on immediately. After a delay of 15-20 seconds, it will go out. The lights will accompany you all the way, illuminate your way home, take care of it, and go home safely.

4. Tree cute mode

When the external environment is at a critical point where the brightness of the light is relatively fuzzy, such as early morning or evening, if we frequently pass bridge holes and trees at this time, in order to avoid repeated turning on or off of the lights, we will keep the lights always bright. If you do not adapt, you can turn off the automatic mode by temporarily "switching on and off the small light twice".

5. Driving fatigue reminder function

When driving continuously for more than 4 hours, the controller will emit a beep, and it will beep once every 1 hour to remind the driver to take a break.

6. Sensor sensitivity adjustment function

Set 7-speed sensitivity adjustment, the driver can judge that the system is in the sensitivity gear by listening to the response times of the buzzer. Level 1 is the highest sensitivity. Decrease in sequence. During use, if the sensitivity of the sensor is too high or too low, start the car in the "ACC" state, quickly switch the small lights 3 times, and complete the operation within 5 seconds, and the buzzer will emit the corresponding sensitivity level Number of sounds.

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